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About Us

Physical Address
1129 Euclid Avenue
Mail Stop 1826
Mailing Address
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1826
Emergency 24/7 Cell:
(208) 863-8024

Suzy Arnette portraitSuzy Arnette
Director, Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability
(208) 426-3906
Biological Safety
Industrial Hygiene
Laboratory Safety / Chemical Hygiene
Online EHSS Training
Radiation Safety

Jane BartlettJane Bartlett
Occupational Health and Hazardous Waste Officer
(208) 426-3303
Chemical Inventory
EHSS Training
Hazardous Waste
Occupational Health and Safety
Universal Waste

Randy BunnisRandy Bunnis
Safety and Loss Control Specialist
(208) 426-1482
Building Safety
Fire Prevention and Safety
Laboratory Safety
Occupational Health and Safety
Office Ergonomics

Reg PopeReg Pope
Training and Development Coordinator
(208) 426-3998
Occupational Safety Training
SOP Development
Employee Development

Chris SiepertChris Siepert
Laboratory Safety Technician
(208) 426-3913
Fume Hood Inspections
Laboratory Safety
Standard Operating Procedure for labs