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As Boise State rapidly advances and grows as a research university of distinction, we must ensure that we do so with a mindful focus on creating a campus with an environmentally neutral footprint while advancing research in sustainability.

President’s Climate Commitment

In 2007, President Kustra joined more than 400 college and university leaders by signing the Presidents’ Climate Commitment, which commits Boise State to developing and executing a comprehensive plan to become climate neutral as soon as possible.

The commitment requires signatories to initiate two or more tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gasses while the more comprehensive plan is being developed. The following have been selected:

  • Campus Building Policy
    Establish policies which will allow the university to reduce its electrical and gas consumption while preserving economic and educational viability. The policies will include activity related to building heating and cooling, computer and server energy management, personal heating and cooling, and purchase of energy efficient or Energy Star rated appliances wherever possible.
  • Transportation
    Encourage use of and provide access to public transportation for all faculty, staff, students and visitors at our institution. As we proceed with our GHG inventory, it seems clear that commuting will be among the largest contributor to the emissions. Promoting public transportation, car pooling, bicycling and other options will be an important part.
  • Waste Minimization
    As part of the Presidents’ Climate Commitment, a comprehensive campus-wide recycling program which will incorporate the best practices of the existing programs will be developed. Additionally, Boise State will participate in the Waste Minimization component of the national RecycleMania competition, and adopt three or more associated measures to reduce waste.Campus Recycling programs across campus include general and special event recycling in the following areas: the SUB; Housing and Residence Life; Facilities Operations & Maintenance; and Athletics.