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Volunteer with Campus Sustainability

Volunteering is a great way to make direct change on campus and in the community. As a volunteer with Campus Sustainability, you will learn about exciting updates in the community, and get training on how to make more sustainable behaviors in your day-to-day life. Volunteering is also a great way to meet other people interested in sustainability from different departments and backgrounds from around the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Please take a moment to review the Sustainability Volunteer Opportunities available for Fall 2018.

Some of these opportunities are great to participate in with groups – such as being a Hyde Park Street Fair Recycling Volunteer – where as others have very limited participation and are first-come first-serve.

Eco-Ambassador Program

Do you love to volunteer with Campus Sustainability? Get moved to the top of the volunteer list by signing up to be an Eco-Ambassador. Becoming an Eco-Ambassador has many benefits including:

  • First dibs in volunteer opportunities
  • Be a part of a great network of movers-and-shakers in the community
  • Exclusive trainings and updates

Your commitment as an Eco-Ambassador:

  • Participate in at least 3 volunteer opportunities a semester (Semesters = Fall, Spring, Summer)
  • Share the information provided in the “update” portion of the monthly newsletter with at least 10 friends, coworkers, or family members
  • Share an enthusiasm for giving back to the community and leading Boise State towards a more environmentally, economically, and socially just future.

Sign up to be an Eco-Ambassador today!

Starting in September, Campus Sustainability will be sending out a quarterly newsletter with exciting happenings around campus and in the community. If you have ideas, stories, events, or opportunities to share, please send these to and we will include it in the next update!